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Water Technologies for Municipalities and Industries


Project Management Expert

For the most complex and demanding design & build projects, our specialist teams define client requirements and engineer turn-key water treatment solutions covering:

  • project design
  • technologies and process selection
  • construction and contract management
  • plant commissioning

We apply our unique portfolio of 350 proprietary technologies to deliver:

Patented processes, standardized products, packeged systems, engineered solutions...

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Industrial Operations & Outsourcing Activities

Industrial Operations and Outsourcing

On the fields of Automotive, Chemical Processing,Hydrocarbon Processing, Primary Metals, Steel Processing, Aluminum Processing,Non Ferrous Metal Processing, Pharmaceuticals, Power,Pulp & Paper.At Veolia Water Technologies, operating and managing utility needs for our clients is part of our core expertise.Our industrial engineers combine that expertise with years of operational experience in the water/wastewater, steam and power sectors, allowing clients to focus on their core businesses - whether it is chemical processing or pharmaceutical manufacturing.

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Mobile Solutions & Services

Aquamove™,the brand of Veolia for mobile water solutions, provides solutions and services for emergency and planned hires and long-term contracts.Aquamove™ has a large fleet of mobile water treatment units-may be deployed as stand-alone units or combined to form complete systems:trailers,containers and skid-mounted systems.It safeguards the production of the purified water for:Plant commissioning,Scheduled equipment maintenance,Planned -unplanned outages,Process trial validation,Peak demand,Raw water changes

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Multi-local presence

Discover our complete range of technological water treatment solutions for industry.

"Resourcing The World"


enables industry, local authorities and citizens to optimize their use of resources for more efficient, environmentally-friendly and socially responsible outcomes.

Veolia's 350 proprietary technologies.

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